Reviving Your Locks: How to Fix Gummy Hair and Restore Its Health

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Gummy hair can be a distressing condition for anyone who prides themselves on their hair’s health and appearance. Understanding how to address and repair gummy hair effectively is essential for restoring its natural vitality and shine.

What Is Gummy Hair?

Gummy hair refers to strands that have become overly porous and weakened, typically due to excessive chemical processing or heat styling.

how to fix gummy hair

Characteristics of Gummy Hair

  • Texture: Gummy hair feels sticky and stretchy, especially when wet.
  • Appearance: It often looks lifeless, frizzy, and lacks natural luster.

How to Fix Gummy Hair

Repairing gummy hair involves a combination of immediate treatments and long-term hair care adjustments.

Immediate Treatments

  • Protein Treatments: Protein-based products can help rebuild the hair’s structure, reducing that gummy texture.
  • Deep Conditioning: Regular deep conditioning treatments can restore moisture and elasticity to damaged strands.

Long-Term Hair Care Strategies

  • Minimize Chemical Processes: Reduce the frequency of chemical treatments like coloring, bleaching, or perming.
  • Limit Heat Styling: Lower heat styling tools and always use a heat protectant when necessary.

What Does Gummy Hair Feel Like?

Understanding the tactile experience of gummy hair can help identify the issue early on.


  • Wet Sponge: When wet, gummy hair may feel like a wet sponge, absorbing water but not easily regaining its shape.
  • Lack of Strength: Gummy hair may stretch unusually when pulled and not bounce back, indicating a lack of strength and elasticity.

Why Is My Hair Gummy When Wet?

The gummy texture is most noticeable when the hair is wet due to the exposed and swollen hair cuticles that have been damaged.

Underlying Causes

  • Over-Processing: Chemical treatments can strip hair of its natural oils and proteins, leading to weakened, porous strands.
  • Heat Damage: Regular high-temperature styling tools can exacerbate hair’s porosity and fragility.

Restoring Hair Health

Reviving the health of gummy hair requires patience and a dedicated hair care regimen.

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Nutritional Support

  • Dietary Changes: Incorporating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can support hair repair from the inside out.
  • Hair Supplements: Biotin, collagen, and other hair health supplements may also strengthen hair.

Salon Treatments

  • Professional Consultation: A professional hairstylist can offer treatments specifically tailored to your hair’s needs, such as keratin or trim damaged ends.


Gummy hair, while challenging, is not irreparable. You can restore your hair’s health and prevent future damage with the right combination of treatments and care. Remember, the key to healthy hair is as much in prevention as it is in treatment.

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  1. Can gummy hair be completely repaired?
    • While severely damaged hair may not return to its original state, proper care can significantly improve its condition and prevent further damage.
  2. How often should I do protein treatments?
    • Start with once a month and adjust based on your hair’s response. Overuse of protein treatments can make hair brittle.
  3. Is it safe to color gummy hair?
    • Avoid coloring gummy hair until its health is restored, as additional chemical processes can lead to further damage.

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